Fire and Water




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100% manufactured in the USA, the Tube Only Scupper is the same as the Tube Cannon but has no trough. It has a no-nonsense simple design, with focus on fabrication and weldment detail. All corners are rounded and polished for a seamless modern take on the classic cannon scupper.

-  Creates a natural, broken flow of water.

-  Seamless walls, rounded and high polished.

-  Fully T.I.G welded and sanded down inside and out for full or partial exposure.

-  Custom mounting options available.




5"x5" Tube Only Copper Brush   Verde Patina   Stainless Steel    Black Wax  
1.5”x6" TO55-156-BC   TO55-156-VP   TO55-156-SS   TO55-156-BW  
1.5”x9" TO55-159-BC   TO55-159-VP   TO55-159-SS   TO55-159-BW  
1.5”x12" TO55-1512-BC   TO55-1512-VP   TO55-1512-SS   TO55-1512-BW  
1.5”x15" TO55-1515-BC   TO55-1515-VP   TO55-1515-SS   TO55-1515-BW  
1.5”x18" TO55-1518-BC   TO55-1518-VP   TO55-1518-SS   TO55-1518-BW  
1.5”x21" TO55-1521-BC   TO55-1521-VP   TO55-1521-SS   TO55-1521-BW  
1.5”x24" TO55-1524-BC   TO55-1524-VP   TO55-1524-SS   TO55-1524-BW  
2”x6" TO55-26-BC   TO55-26-VP   TO55-26-SS   TO55-26-BW  
2”x9" TO55-29-BC   TO55-29-VP   TO55-29-SS   TO55-29-BW  
2”x12" TO55-212-BC   TO55-212-VP   TO55-212-SS   TO55-212-BW  
2”x15" TO55-215-BC   TO55-215-VP   TO55-215-SS   TO55-215-BW  
2”x18" TO55-218-BC   TO55-218-VP   TO55-218-SS   TO55-218-BW  
2”x21" TO55-221-BC   TO55-221-VP   TO55-221-SS   TO55-221-BW  
2”x24" TO55-224-BC   TO55-224-VP   TO55-224-SS   TO55-224-BW  
2.5”x6" TO55-256-BC   TO55-256-VP   TO55-256-SS   TO55-256-BW  
2.5”x9" TO55-259-BC   TO55-259-VP   TO55-259-SS   TO55-259-BW  
2.5”x12" TO55-2512-BC   TO55-2512-VP   TO55-2512-SS   TO55-2512-BW  
2.5”x15" TO55-2515-BC   TO55-2515-VP   TO55-2515-SS   TO55-2515-BW  
2.5”x18" TO55-2518-BC   TO55-2518-VP   TO55-2518-SS   TO55-2518-BW  
2.5”x21" TO55-2521-BC   TO55-2521-VP   TO55-2521-SS   TO55-2521-BW  
2.5”x24" TO55-2524-BC   TO55-2524-VP   TO55-2524-SS   TO55-2524-BW  
3”x6" TO55-36-BC   TO55-36-VP   TO55-36-SS   TO55-36-BW  
3”x9" TO55-39-BC   TO55-39-VP   TO55-39-SS   TO55-39-BW  
3”x12" TO55-312-BC   TO55-312-VP   TO55-312-SS   TO55-312-BW  
3”x15" TO55-315-BC   TO55-315-VP   TO55-315-SS   TO55-315-BW  
3”x18" TO55-318-BC   TO55-318-VP   TO55-318-SS   TO55-318-BW  
3”x21" TO55-321-BC   TO55-321-VP   TO55-321-SS   TO55-321-BW  
3”x24" TO55-324-BC   TO55-324-VP   TO55-324-SS   TO55-324-BW  
6"x6" Tube Only Copper Brush   Verde Patina   Stainless Steel    Black Wax  
1.5”x6" TO66-156-BC   TO66-156-VP   TO66-156-SS   TO66-156-BW  
1.5”x9" TO66-159-BC   TO66-159-VP   TO66-159-SS   TO66-159-BW  
1.5”x12" TO66-1512-BC   TO66-1512-VP   TO66-1512-SS   TO66-1512-BW  
1.5”x15" TO66-1515-BC   TO66-1515-VP   TO66-1515-SS   TO66-1515-BW  
1.5”x18" TO66-1518-BC   TO66-1518-VP   TO66-1518-SS   TO66-1518-BW  
1.5”x21" TO66-1521-BC   TO66-1521-VP   TO66-1521-SS   TO66-1521-BW  
1.5”x24" TO66-1524-BC   TO66-1524-VP   TO66-1524-SS   TO66-1524-BW  
2”x6" TO66-26-BC   TO66-26-VP   TO66-26-SS   TO66-26-BW  
2”x9" TO66-29-BC   TO66-29-VP   TO66-29-SS   TO66-29-BW  
2”x12" TO66-212-BC   TO66-212-VP   TO66-212-SS   TO66-212-BW  
2”x15" TO66-215-BC   TO66-215-VP   TO66-215-SS   TO66-215-BW  
2”x18" TO66-218-BC   TO66-218-VP   TO66-218-SS   TO66-218-BW  
2”x21" TO66-221-BC   TO66-221-VP   TO66-221-SS   TO66-221-BW  
2”x24" TO66-224-BC   TO66-224-VP   TO66-224-SS   TO66-224-BW  
2.5”x6" TO66-256-BC   TO66-256-VP   TO66-256-SS   TO66-256-BW  
2.5”x9" TO66-259-BC   TO66-259-VP   TO66-259-SS   TO66-259-BW  
2.5”x12" TO66-2512-BC   TO66-2512-VP   TO66-2512-SS   TO66-2512-BW  
2.5”x15" TO66-2515-BC   TO66-2515-VP   TO66-2515-SS   TO66-2515-BW  
2.5”x18" TO66-2518-BC   TO66-2518-VP   TO66-2518-SS   TO66-2518-BW  
2.5”x21" TO66-2521-BC   TO66-2521-VP   TO66-2521-SS   TO66-2521-BW  
2.5”x24" TO66-2524-BC   TO66-2524-VP   TO66-2524-SS   TO66-2524-BW  
3”x6" TO66-36-BC   TO66-36-VP   TO66-36-SS   TO66-36-BW  
3”x9" TO66-39-BC   TO66-39-VP   TO66-39-SS   TO66-39-BW  
3”x12" TO66-312-BC   TO66-312-VP   TO66-312-SS   TO66-312-BW  
3”x15" TO66-315-BC   TO66-315-VP   TO66-315-SS   TO66-315-BW  
3”x18" TO66-318-BC   TO66-318-VP   TO66-318-SS   TO66-318-BW  
3”x21" TO66-321-BC   TO66-321-VP   TO66-321-SS   TO66-321-BW  
3”x24" TO66-324-BC   TO66-324-VP   TO66-324-SS   TO66-324-BW