Fire and Water




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100% manufactured in the USA, Ramped Scupper creates an arcing sheet of water that starts to shoot upwards, breaking apart as it falls. The smooth radius neck has no bends, making this one of the most unique and elegant scuppers on the market.

-  Creates a natural, broken flow of arcing water.

-  Seamless walls, rounded and high polished.

-  Fully T.I.G welded and sanded down inside and out for full or partial exposure.

-  Engineered for 10 - 30 G.P.M. with a 3 stage flow control system.

-  Custom mounting options available.


Ramped Scupper Copper Brush   Verde Patina   Stainless Steel    Black Wax  
6” AF-6-CB AF-6-VP   AF-6-SS   AF-6-BW  
9” AF-9-CB AF-9-VP   AF-9-SS   AF-9-BW  
12” AF-12-CB AF-12-VP   AF-12-SS   AF-12-BW  
18” AF-18-CB AF-18-VP   AF-18-SS   AF-18-BW  
24” AF-24-CB AF-24-VP   AF-24-SS   AF-24-BW  
36” AF-36-CB AF-36-VP   AF-36-SS   AF-36-BW  
48” AF-48-CB AF-48-VP   AF-48-SS   AF-48-BW  
60” AF-60-CB AF-60-VP   AF-60-SS   AF-60-BW  
72” AF-72-CB AF-72-VP   AF-72-SS   AF-72-BW