Fire and Water




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100% manufactured in the USA, the Holland Scupper is part of our Decorative Line, engineered for precision. All are fully designed in a 3-D environment to ensure precise fabrication with seamless edges.

-  Creates a natural, broken flow of water.

-  Custom internal baffel ensures that the scupper will not clog.

-  Seamless walls, rounded and high polished.

-  Hand formed trough and rolled flow radius for superior look and performance.

-  Fully T.I.G welded and sanded down inside and out for full or partial exposure.

-  Engineered for 10 - 30 G.P.M. with a 3 stage flow control system.

-  Custom mounting options available.



Holland Scupper Copper Brush   Verde Patina   Stainless Steel    Black Wax  
4”x4” Face                
9" HS4-9-CB HS4-9-VP   HS4-9-SS   HS4-9-BW  
12" HS4-12-CB HS4-12-VP   HS4-12-SS   HS4-12-BW  
15" HS4-15-CB HS4-15-VP   HS4-15-SS   HS4-15-BW  
18" HS4-18-CB HS4-18-VP   HS4-18-SS   HS4-18-BW  
6"x6" Face                
9" HS6-9-CB HS6-9-VP   HS6-9-SS   HS6-9-BW  
12" HS6-12-CB HS6-12-VP   HS6-12-SS   HS6-12-BW  
15" HS6-15-CB HS6-15-VP   HS6-15-SS   HS6-15-BW  
18" HS6-18-CB HS6-18-VP   HS6-18-SS   HS6-18-BW  
8"x8" Face                
9" HS8-9-CB HS8-9-VP   HS8-9-SS   HS8-9-BW  
12" HS8-12-CB HS8-12-VP   HS8-12-SS   HS8-12-BW  
15" HS8-15-CB HS8-15-VP   HS8-15-SS   HS8-15-BW  
18" HS8-18-CB HS8-18-VP   HS8-18-SS   HS8-18-BW  
10"x10" Face                
9" HS10-9-CB HS10-9-VP   HS10-9-SS   HS10-9-BW  
12" HS10-12-CB HS10-12-VP   HS10-12-SS   HS10-12-BW  
15" HS10-15-CB HS10-15-VP   HS10-15-SS   HS10-15-BW  
18" HS10-18-CB HS10-18-VP   HS10-18-SS   HS10-18-BW  
12"x12" Face                
9" HS12-9-CB HS12-9-VP   HS12-9-SS   HS12-9-BW  
12" HS12-12-CB HS12-12-VP   HS12-12-SS   HS12-12-BW  
15" HS12-15-CB HS12-15-VP   HS12-15-SS   HS12-15-BW  
18" HS12-18-CB HS12-18-VP   HS12-18-SS   HS12-18-BW