Fire and Water




Premium Fire Tables – Water Features - Hardware – Fire Glass – Burners



100% manufactured in the USA, our fire pots have fully welded corners for a seamless finish. Our custom made burners give you the best coverage and flame shape, making these some of the most enjoyable pire pots on the market.

-  Seamless corners, rounded and high polished.

-  Fully T.I.G welded and sanded down inside and out.

-  Custom mounting options available.


16” Tall Copper Brush   Verde Patina   Stainless Steel    Black Wax  
18” SQUARE TFPS-18-CB   TFPS-18-VP   TFPS-18-SS   TFPS-18-BW  
20” SQUARE TFPS-20-CB   TFPS-20-VP   TFPS-20-SS   TFPS-20-BW  
24” SQUARE TFPS-24-CB   TFPS-24-VP   TFPS-24-SS   TFPS-24-BW  
28” SQUARE TFPS-28-CB   TFPS-28-VP   TFPS-28-SS   TFPS-28-BW  
32” SQUARE TFPS-32-CB   TFPS-32-VP   TFPS-32-SS   TFPS-32-BW  
36” SQUARE TFPS-36-CB   TFPS-36-VP   TFPS-36-SS   TFPS-36-BW  
42” SQUARE TFPS-42-CB   TFPS-42-VP   TFPS-42-SS   TFPS-42-BW  
48” SQUARE TFPS-48-CB   TFPS-48-VP   TFPS-48-SS   TFPS-48-BW  
18” ROUND TFPR-18-CB   TFPR-18-VP   TFPR-18-SS   TFPR-18-BW  
20” ROUND TFPR-20-CB   TFPR-20-VP   TFPR-20-SS   TFPR-20-BW  
24” ROUND TFPR-24-CB   TFPR-24-VP   TFPR-24-SS   TFPR-24-BW  
28” ROUND TFPR-28-CB   TFPR-28-VP   TFPR-28-SS   TFPR-28-BW  
32” ROUND TFPR-32-CB   TFPR-32-VP   TFPR-32-SS   TFPR-32-BW  
36” ROUND TFPR-36-CB   TFPR-36-VP   TFPR-36-SS   TFPR-36-BW  
42” ROUND TFPR-42-CB   TFPR-42-VP   TFPR-42-SS   TFPR-42-BW  
48” ROUND TFPR-48-CB   TFPR-48-VP   TFPR-48-SS   TFPR-48-BW  
12” Med Copper Brush   Verde Patina   Stainless Steel    Black Wax  
18” SQUARE MFPS-18-CB   MFPS-18-VP   MFPS-18-SS   MFPS-18-BW  
20” SQUARE MFPS-20-CB   MFPS-20-VP   MFPS-20-SS   MFPS-20-BW  
24” SQUARE MFPS-24-CB   MFPS-24-VP   MFPS-24-SS   MFPS-24-BW  
28” SQUARE MFPS-28-CB   MFPS-28-VP   MFPS-28-SS   MFPS-28-BW  
32” SQUARE MFPS-32-CB   MFPS-32-VP   MFPS-32-SS   MFPS-32-BW  
36” SQUARE MFPS-36-CB   MFPS-36-VP   MFPS-36-SS   MFPS-36-BW  
42” SQUARE MFPS-42-CB   MFPS-42-VP   MFPS-42-SS   MFPS-42-BW  
48” SQUARE MFPS-48-CB   MFPS-48-VP   MFPS-48-SS   MFPS-48-BW  
18” ROUND MFPR-18-CB   MFPR-18-VP   MFPR-18-SS   MFPR-18-BW  
20” ROUND MFPR-20-CB   MFPR-20-VP   MFPR-20-SS   MFPR-20-BW  
24” ROUND MFPR-24-CB   MFPR-24-VP   MFPR-24-SS   MFPR-24-BW  
28” ROUND MFPR-28-CB   MFPR-28-VP   MFPR-28-SS   MFPR-28-BW  
32” ROUND MFPR-32-CB   MFPR-32-VP   MFPR-32-SS   MFPR-32-BW  
36” ROUND MFPR-36-CB   MFPR-36-VP   MFPR-36-SS   MFPR-36-BW  
42” ROUND MFPR-42-CB   MFPR-42-VP   MFPR-42-SS   MFPR-42-BW  
48” ROUND MFPR-48-CB   MFPR-48-VP   MFPR-48-SS   MFPR-48-BW  
7” Low Copper Brush   Verde Patina   Stainless Steel    Black Wax  
18” SQUARE LFPS-18-CB   LFPS-18-CP   LFPS-18-SS   LFPS-18-BW  
20” SQUARE LFPS-20-CB   LFPS-20-CP   LFPS-20-SS   LFPS-20-BW  
24” SQUARE LFPS-24-CB   LFPS-24-CP   LFPS-24-SS   LFPS-24-BW  
28” SQUARE LFPS-28-CB   LFPS-28-CP   LFPS-28-SS   LFPS-28-BW  
32” SQUARE LFPS-32-CB   LFPS-32-CP   LFPS-32-SS   LFPS-32-BW  
36” SQUARE LFPS-36-CB   LFPS-36-CP   LFPS-36-SS   LFPS-36-BW  
42” SQUARE LFPS-42-CB   LFPS-42-CP   LFPS-42-SS   LFPS-42-BW  
48” SQUARE LFPS-48-CB   LFPS-48-CP   LFPS-48-SS   LFPS-48-BW  
18” ROUND LFPR-18-CB   LFPR-18-CP   LFPR-18-SS   LFPR-18-BW  
20” ROUND LFPR-20-CB   LFPR-20-CP   LFPR-20-SS   LFPR-20-BW  
24” ROUND LFPR-24-CB   LFPR-24-CP   LFPR-24-SS   LFPR-24-BW  
28” ROUND LFPR-28-CB   LFPR-28-CP   LFPR-28-SS   LFPR-28-BW  
32” ROUND LFPR-32-CB   LFPR-32-CP   LFPR-32-SS   LFPR-32-BW  
36” ROUND LFPR-36-CB   LFPR-36-CP   LFPR-36-SS   LFPR-36-BW  
42” ROUND LFPR-42-CB   LFPR-42-CP   LFPR-42-SS   LFPR-42-BW  
48” ROUND LFPR-48-CB   LFPR-48-CP   LFPR-48-SS   LFPR-48-BW