Fire and Water




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100% manufactured in the USA, the Elite Diablo comes from the heat of Arizona and makes any hot afternoon bearable. The curved surface is polished to reflect the water all the way to its seamless edges.

-  Creates a velvety cascading sheet of water with short radii lip for superior look and performance.

-  Smooth rounded face, high polished with seamless edges.

-  Fully T.I.G welded and sanded down inside and out for full or partial exposure.

-  Engineered for 10 - 30 G.P.M. with our Patent Pending 3 stage Elite Baffle System.

-  Comes with a rear feed standard 1 1/2” Female coupler.

-  Custom mounting options available please ask a sales representative.


Elites Series Diablo Copper Brush   Verde Patina   Stainless Steel    Black Wax  
6” DBO-6-CB   DBO-6-VP   DBO-6-SS   DBO-6-BW  
9" DBO-9-CB   DBO-9-VP   DBO-9-SS   DBO-9-BW  
12" DBO-12-CB   DBO-12-VP   DBO-12-SS   DBO-12-BW  
15" DBO-15-CB   DBO-15-VP   DBO-15-SS   DBO-15-BW  
18" DBO-18-CB   DBO-18-VP   DBO-18-SS   DBO-18-BW