Fire and Water




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100% manufactured in the USA, the Cannon Tube Scupper is hand forged with a custom lip that stands out among the crowd. Most cannons on the market are simply cut off with little regard for the flow, but ours is tapered and rolled under to ensure a natural flow and look decorative even when not in use.

-  Creates a natural, broken flow of water.

-  Seamless walls, rounded and high polished.

-  Custom hand rolled lip.

-  Fully T.I.G welded and sanded down inside and out for full or partial exposure.

-  Engineered for 10 - 30 G.P.M. with a 3 stage flow control system.

-  Custom mounting options available.



5"x5" Cannon Scupper Copper Brush   Verde Patina   Stainless Steel    Black Wax  
1.5”x6" CS55-156-BC   CS55-156-VP   CS55-156-SS   CS55-156-BW  
1.5”x9" CS55-159-BC   CS55-159-VP   CS55-159-SS   CS55-159-BW  
1.5”x12" CS55-1512-BC   CS55-1512-VP   CS55-1512-SS   CS55-1512-BW  
1.5”x18" CS55-1518-BC   CS55-1518-VP   CS55-1518-SS   CS55-1518-BW  
1.5”x24" CS55-1524-BC   CS55-1524-VP   CS55-1524-SS   CS55-1524-BW  
2”x6" CS55-26-BC   CS55-26-VP   CS55-26-SS   CS55-26-BW  
2”x9" CS55-29-BC   CS55-29-VP   CS55-29-SS   CS55-29-BW  
2”x12" CS55-212-BC   CS55-212-VP   CS55-212-SS   CS55-212-BW  
2”x18" CS55-218-BC   CS55-218-VP   CS55-218-SS   CS55-218-BW  
2”x24" CS55-224-BC   CS55-224-VP   CS55-224-SS   CS55-224-BW  
2.5”x6" CS55-256-BC   CS55-256-VP   CS55-256-SS   CS55-256-BW  
2.5”x9" CS55-259-BC   CS55-259-VP   CS55-259-SS   CS55-259-BW  
2.5”x12" CS55-2512-BC   CS55-2512-VP   CS55-2512-SS   CS55-2512-BW  
2.5”x18" CS55-2518-BC   CS55-2518-VP   CS55-2518-SS   CS55-2518-BW  
2.5”x24" CS55-2524-BC   CS55-2524-VP   CS55-2524-SS   CS55-2524-BW  
3”x6" CS55-36-BC   CS55-36-VP   CS55-36-SS   CS55-36-BW  
3”x9" CS55-39-BC   CS55-39-VP   CS55-39-SS   CS55-39-BW  
3”x12" CS55-312-BC   CS55-312-VP   CS55-312-SS   CS55-312-BW  
3”x18" CS55-318-BC   CS55-318-VP   CS55-318-SS   CS55-318-BW  
3”x24" CS55-324-BC   CS55-324-VP   CS55-324-SS   CS55-324-BW  



6"x6" Cannon Scupper Copper Brush   Verde Patina   Stainless Steel    Black Wax  
1.5”x6" CS66-156-BC CS66-156-VP   CS66-156-SS   CS66-156-BW  
1.5”x9" CS66-159-BC CS66-159-VP   CS66-159-SS   CS66-159-BW  
1.5”x12" CS66-1512-BC CS66-1512-VP   CS66-1512-SS   CS66-1512-BW  
1.5”x18" CS66-1518-BC CS66-1518-VP   CS66-1518-SS   CS66-1518-BW  
1.5”x24" CS66-1524-BC CS66-1524-VP   CS66-1524-SS   CS66-1524-BW  
2”x6" CS66-26-BC CS66-26-VP   CS66-26-SS   CS66-26-BW  
2”x9" CS66-29-BC CS66-29-VP   CS66-29-SS   CS66-29-BW  
2”x12" CS66-212-BC CS66-212-VP   CS66-212-SS   CS66-212-BW  
2”x18" CS66-218-BC CS66-218-VP   CS66-218-SS   CS66-218-BW  
2”x24" CS66-224-BC CS66-224-VP   CS66-224-SS   CS66-224-BW  
2.5”x6" CS66-256-BC CS66-256-VP   CS66-256-SS   CS66-256-BW  
2.5”x9" CS66-259-BC CS66-259-VP   CS66-259-SS   CS66-259-BW  
2.5”x12" CS66-2512-BC CS66-2512-VP   CS66-2512-SS   CS66-2512-BW  
2.5”x18" CS66-2518-BC CS66-2518-VP   CS66-2518-SS   CS66-2518-BW  
2.5”x24" CS66-2524-BC CS66-2524-VP   CS66-2524-SS   CS66-2524-BW  
3”x6" CS66-36-BC CS66-36-VP   CS66-36-SS   CS66-36-BW  
3”x9" CS66-39-BC CS66-39-VP   CS66-39-SS   CS66-39-BW  
3”x12" CS66-312-BC CS66-312-VP   CS66-312-SS   CS66-312-BW  
3”x18" CS66-318-BC CS66-318-VP   CS66-318-SS   CS66-318-BW  
3”x24" CS66-324-BC CS66-324-VP   CS66-324-SS   CS66-324-BW